Information About 287(g)

This is a compilation of links to resources that have come up in our conversations about the 287 (g) program. It is not meant to be a complete or definitive resource.

Web Resources:


University of North Carolina Study That Finds Dramatic Problems with the 287(g) Immigration Program

A federal law granting local police and sheriffs the power to act as immigration officials when faced with dangerous criminals or terrorists has instead created a climate of racial profiling and community insecurity, according to researchers at UNC School of Law. A team of law students, led by Deborah Weissman, Reef C. Ivey II Distinguished Professor of Law and director of Clinical Programs at UNC School of Law, and Katherine Parker and Rebecca Headen, lawyers with the ACLU in North Carolina Legal Foundation, released a report on the 287(g) Program in North Carolina titled, “The Policies and Politics of Local Immigration Enforcement Law.” The report found that the agencies most closely reviewed have failed to comply with contracts governing the program, and proposes solutions, including greater transparency and a functional system for complaints or appeals.


updated April 21, 2012