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Coverage of meeting public forum with Sheriff (14 months after the first request)

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Report on Sheriff’s Forum on 287(g)
by Alex Fields

Jones should listen to 287(g) concerns
by Ralph Hutchison

Knoxville New-Sentinel Letters to the Editor
July 5, 2013
Jones should listen to 287(g) concerns
Ralph Hutchison

Knoxville New-Sentinel
July 10, 2013
Agreement raises immigrant concerns
Pam Strickland

Knoxville New-Sentinel Letters to the Editor
July 10, 2013
Sheriff doesn’t need the 287(g) program
Sandra Foster

WBIR — Channel 10 News — NBC – Gannett
July 2, 2013
Knox Co. sheriff to decide soon on controversial immigration program
Posted by John Henry

WVLT — Channel 8 News —
July 3, 2013
Knox Co. Sheriff, public discuss controversial immigration program

Knoxville News-Sentinel Op-Ed
July 5, 2013
Agreement raises immigrant concerns
Pam Strickland

Posted: Jul 03, 2013 12:50 AM EST Updated: Jul 03, 2013 12:05 PM EST
Knox Co. sheriff talks to immigration rights advocates about controversial program

The Metro Pulse Blog
Sheriff Jones All But Certain 287(g) Policy Will be Adopted by Knox County
By Paige Huntoon
Posted July 3, 2013 1:12 PM

County Commission Meeting

AKIN members and residents of Knox County spoke at the County Commission meeting on Monday, July 23 at 1:45 pm to express concern over Knox County’s anticipated 287(g) program and the lack of transparency surrounding implementation of this program.

287(g) is a drain on public resources and leads to racial profiling, family separation, and distrust between the community and police. We urge the County Commission and Sheriff Jones to listen to the community’s concerns and immediately withdraw Knox County’s application to 287(g).

Member Statements:

Duane Kraeger
Deacon for Social Justice, Church of the Savior, United Church of Christ, Knoxville
Susan Montgomery
Meghan Conley, PhD Candidate, Sociology

Media Coverage:

Caveats to the articles below:

I. AKIN (Allies of Knoxville’s Immigrant Neighbors) is aware that Knox County is only considering the jail model. It is a logical fallacy to reason that because the task force model (which is not under consideration) would be worse, that the jail model is free of costs or problems.

II. AKIN has not been attempting to meet with the Sheriff to have him answer our questions. Rather, we have been trying to meet with him for the opportunity to express our concerns, so that they can be taken into account as his negotiations move forward.

Commission hears debate on immigration policy – WBIR

Knox sheriff says he’ll meet with Hispanic advocacy group – Knoxville News Sentinel

We Belong Together Event:

Read the statements generated from the We Belong Together Event here:


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