Guide to meeting with your county commissioner about 287(g)

We are asking AKIN friends and allies to meet with their county commissioners about 287(g). Following are some guidelines for your consideration.

First, set up your meeting:

1. Call or email your commissioner and ask for a meeting on 287(g)

  • Find contact info for commissioners here.
  • Don’t know your commissioner? Look here.

2. Identify 1-2 people who share your concerns and who will join you at this meeting (we can help with this)

Next, figure out your goals for the meeting (here are our suggestions):

1. Lay the foundation for an ongoing relationship

  • Be cordial and respectful
  • Convey that you are paying attention to the commissioner’s actions (or inaction) on this matter
  • Convey that you are part of a strong, well-informed, and diverse network of constituents
  • Convey that you believe county commissioners have a role to play in monitoring 287(g)

2. Express concerns – speak from the heart!

  • 287(g) is expensive
    • County taxpayers will pay for operating costs, personnel salaries, lawsuits
    • Money could be better spent elsewhere – schools, safety center
  • 287(g) encourages racial profiling and creates potential for civil rights abuses (ex: Juana Villegas)
  • 287(g) erodes community trust in law enforcement (see the Sheriff’s past statements on stacking immigrants “like cordwood”)
  • 287(g) violates your personal/moral/ethical/religious code

3. Ask your commissioner (“C”) some or all of the following:

  • What is C’s general attitude toward immigrants/immigration?
  • What is C’s understanding of 287(g) and how it will operate?
  • What is C’s impression of the sheriff’s reasons for wanting 287(g)?
  • Has C spoken with the sheriff or KCSO about 287(g)?
  • When/how did C learn that the sheriff was re-applying for 287(g)?
  • When/how did C learn than sheriff and ICE signed the 287(g) agreement?
  • What is C’s attitude toward commission’s role in approving, overseeing, & monitoring the sheriff’s budget?

Report back

Let us know how it went! Send us an email with your reflections on the meeting and any information you learned!


Want more information? See our longer document here


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