Annual Meeting Agenda

Update: Click here for a report of our 2016 annual meeting.

AKIN will hold its annual meeting on Friday, July 8 at St. James Episcopal Church.  The church is located at 1101 North Broadway.

Please join us at 7:00 PM for refreshments.  The program will begin promptly at 7:30 PM.

A detailed agenda follows.

Business Meeting: Election of new officers and bylaws changes.
  • Nominating Committee (Paul deLeon): Introduce nominated Slate of Officers (Mary Ann Reeves and Karla Meza-Cruz: co-chairs; Meghan Conley: Secretary; Fran Ansley: Treasurer; De Ann Pendry and Lee Sessions: steering Committee members); Call for a vote
  • Mary Ann Reeves: Bylaws changes proposed by the Steering Committee; Call for a vote
Looking Back on the Past Year
  • Gina Davis: “Tuition Equality from the Ground Up: The View from a High School Classroom
  • Karla Meza-Cruz:  “Young adult activities for Tuition Equality Now”
  • DeAnn Pendry, Eleazar Sanchez, and Liliana Sanchez:  “The recent Supreme Court decision on DAPA/DACA+ ruling”
Looking Ahead to this Next Year
  • Fran Ansley: “The Election Season: Immigrants and Refugees in the Crosshairs”  
  • Drocella Mugorewera, executive director of BRIDGE and a former member of the Rwandan parliament: “The Status of Refugees in Tennessee in the Coming Year”
  • Mary Ann Reeves: Introduce the AKIN 2016/2017 Program
    • Summer/Fall 2016: “Educating the Public: Changing the Rhetoric”
    • Winter/Spring 2017: “Legislative Season and new Tuition Equality Bill”
  • Mary Ann Reeves: Vote on the AKIN Program
Logo Contest
Round Table Discussion

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